Our Approach

Youth Empowerment Organisation seeks to create an innovative and sustainable model for building a high-quality skilled workforce both in the organized and unorganized sectors. our approach, therefore, is to provide Market Driven, Learner Centric, aspiration-based vocational education and training using technology and partnerships.

Through a system of supporting the youth with domain-specific, value-based training,  along with providing on job training facilities and real-time connections between the job providers and job seekers Y.E.O aims to create a virtuous circle of skilled workforce and entrepreneurs mostly from the disadvantaged sections of society. At Y.E.O we are committed to deliver exceptional training sessions. We understand that designing and delivering is an effective program and the most important professional responsibility of any skill imparting partner. We provide a platform to create opportunities for youth to get skilled through theory classes and practical experiential learning for a better understanding of tools and technology for the industry.

This empowers the trainees with adequate skills and confidence and also enhances their quality of life. Our main objective is to create opportunities and scope for the development of talents of Indian youth and to promote entrepreneurship and generate livelihood opportunities among them with efforts to non-migratory jobs.


Vision: To inspire among youth the need to be self – reliant, competitive & secular.
Mission: Our Mission is the evolution of a good man and a good society based on pluralism and democracy. We believe that Youth must take the lead and the initiative in building that kind of society.

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